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Azure Table Storage

Azure table storage is an extremely useful feature of the Microsoft Windows Azure offering. The cost per transaction is extremely low compared to other providers and the cost per amount of storage used is also very appealing.Azure table storage is contained within an Azure storage account, along.....

The Mechanics of Using Azure Storage Tables for Logging

Before reading this article, you may want to check our Logging Using Azure Storage Tables article first.For the sites that we host, we use one Azure storage table for each site. Before going any further, it is important to understand a little bit more about how Azure storage tables work.....

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Our Where Am I on Google Page Is No Longer Supported

Our "Where Am I On Google" website is no longer available as we no longer have the resource to support this free site. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to drop us a line using the information on our Contact Us page if you feel this resource was .....

Lookup IP Address - New Website Launch

Our new website has launched, named Lookup IP Address. This site allows you to lookup up any IP address on the Internet and retrieve all the available information about the address. This includes the geographical information including an interactive ma.....

IE10: A Debugger is Already Attached Error

After installing Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) on a development machine here, we noticed a problem where we could no longer debug correctly. When trying to launch a debugging session from Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010), an error was displayed stating that:Attaching the script.....

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